Premier Graphics selects ‘no brainer’ Drytac ViziPrint for festive graphics project

Premier Graphics used Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear to produce festive window graphics for skincare specialist Project Skin MD.

Vancouver-based Premier Graphics has used Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear film to produce a striking festive-themed window graphic for local skincare business Project Skin MD.

Project Skin MD challenged Premier Graphics to design, print, and install the intricate window graphic for its state-of-the-art skincare facility in South Granville, Vancouver.

To achieve the clean and seamless appearance, Premier Graphics selected Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear and printed the detailed design using white ink on a Konica Minolta AcurrioWide UV Printer. Developed for application on glass and other smooth, flat surfaces, ViziPrint Impress Clear is suitable for trouble-free, bubble-free wet installation.

Jordan Sorley, operations officer at Premier Graphics, said: “This was a relatively cold weather install, only about 6 or 7 degrees Celsius, but the ViziPrint Impress worked very well. It is a strong and stiff PET material that doesn’t stretch which was a huge benefit when aligning panels with a detailed design.

“The printed graphics delivered the exact look Project Skin MD wanted, and – as ViziPrint Impress Clear is easily removable – it will save the client time and money on removal day. Plus, the fact that this film is PVC-free makes it an environmentally-friendly choice.”

Established in 2006, Premier Graphics re-invented itself in 2020. It is now serving as a full-service graphics production and installation company with the largest team of in-house certified installers in Western Canada.

“We pride ourselves in ongoing training for our installation staff and investing in great products and equipment to improve our offerings to our clients,” Sorley said.

“With 2020 being a challenging year, our experience hasn’t been any different. We’ve had our fair share of struggles, but despite this we’ve managed to maintain a healthy business and take good care of our people.

“Now, we are back to re-investing in ourselves and have added two new staff and new printing and production equipment, so we will be starting off 2021 right!”

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Still Creek Press hits the high notes at the opera with Drytac SpotOn Floor 200

Still Creek Press opts for ‘forgiving’ SpotOn Floor 200 for University of British Colombia’s opera stage.

Vancouver-based full-service commercial printer Still Creek Press selected Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 to help students from the University of British Colombia (UBC) in Canada to stage and perform an opera virtually for audiences at home.

The UBC Opera programme puts on shows for the local community each year, but these had to be put on hold in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with indoor entertainment venues in Vancouver forced to temporarily close.

However, not to be deterred by the restrictions on audience attendance, UBC Opera decided to stage a number of virtual events on Nov 30th, whereby students performed opera at the University’s venue and the show was streamed live to audiences watching at home.

Still Creek Press’s role in the project was to produce floor graphics resembling a dirt road for the stage, to help deliver the full opera experience. The production was filmed from several levels and views, meaning the graphics had to be visible and look realistic from all angles.

Still Creek Press’ wide-format manager Bruce Lee explains: “Essentially, we started with an empty stage. We were tasked with installing floor graphics that looked stunning and could be easily removed at the end of the performance. As stages are brightly lit, we also needed a material with a matte finish.

Still Creek Press opted for Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 vinyl film for the project, with the company tasked with producing graphics covering an area of 70ft x 90ft (approx. 21m x 27m). Nine rolls of the Drytac film were supplied by ND Graphics to complete the project and the graphics were printed in 4 days/nights on a Roland SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 large-format device. 

“We chose Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 for a number of reasons,” explains Bruce Lee. “It is super easy to apply and it can be easily removed by anyone. It also looked great under the lighting.”

Known for its simplicity and versatility, making it suitable for short-term indoor graphic applications such as retail signage, trade show and exhibition graphics as well as office interiors, Drytac’s SpotOn range of products are printable by solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV inkjet printers.

“One of the major reasons we used SpotOn Floor 200 over other conventional removable floor vinyl is how forgiving it is when applied. Another great feature is that there was no need for an overlaminate as it has a built-in anti-slip surface,” continues Lee.

Lee also spoke about the ease of use when working with SpotOn Floor 200, saying this allowed Still Creek Press to complete its part of the project in good time, meaning work was completed without any delays.

“We weren’t the only crew there working on the stage and this meant keeping our distance from other crews and equipment. Once a section was completed, we had to switch sides with the other crew or wait until they were done their part.

“What would usually have taken a team of installers two days to install, only took us five hours using SpotOn Floor 200. We were able to get our part of the production done well before time, which meant those working around us had more time to finish their projects.

“It worked out great!”

Located on Vancouver, British Columbia, Still Creek Press is a full-service commercial print company that provides digital, wide-format and ticket printing. It currently employs over 50 people in a 36,00sq ft, fully integrated secure printing plant.

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Minuteman Press lights up new Covid-19 testing clinics with Drytac ViziPrint Illuminate

Drytac ViziPrint Illuminate on COVID testing window

Informative new graphics printed on Viziprint Illuminate installed at two locations for leading CBD supplier Goodbody Botanicals

Minuteman Press Bath has just completed a multi-site graphics project, using Drytac’s ViziPrint Illuminate product to install Covid-19 tests signage at two retail locations.

The client, leading CBD supplier Goodbody Botanicals, required Minuteman Press Bath to print and install a range of graphics at its stores to promote its new, private Covid-19 testing service, which it is now offering at its locations in Bristol and Bath.

Drytac ViziPrint Illuminate on COVID testing window

As well as providing information about the tests Goodbody Botanicals can offer, the signage also promotes the key steps customers can take to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, including wearing a face mask, sanitising their hands, keeping a safe distance from other people and using the government’s track and trace app. In addition, smaller graphics remind people of the three main symptoms of Covid-19 and encourages them to take a test to give them ‘total peace of mind’.

Kieran Blacknall, large-format manager at Minuteman Press Bath, said Drytac’s ViziPrint Illuminate product was perfect for the project as it was ‘really easy to work with and install’.

The 100µ (4mil) translucent matte PET film has been developed for brilliant backlit window graphics and vibrant backlit display applications. It has a bright white base colour and is able to diffuse light, creating vivid window graphics, displays, decals, stickers – and more – with a wider colour gamut. It is reverse printable, allowing window advertisements to be viewed during the day in direct sunlight and at night when illuminated by store lighting.

“The client was looking for a solution to convey the new testing service at their clinics. We looked at various options, including lightboxes, but all proved to be very costly in comparison to the ViziPrint Illuminate media by Drytac,” says Blacknall.

He continues: “Goodbody Botanicals have spotlights positioned behind every window, so we decided a media with backlit properties would perform best and have the biggest impact, particularly during the winter months.

ViziPrint Illuminate is great; really easy to work with and install. We’re always impressed with Drytac products and the advice and service we receive from the company.”

Minuteman Press Bath provide a range of digital print, large format, and design products and services to customers around the country. The wider Minuteman Press network has locations across the UK providing similar products and services.

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Warwick Printing chooses ‘go-to’ product Drytac ReTac for tricky mural

Warwick Printing uses Drytac ReTac for liquor store graphics

Warwick Printing installed a liquor store wall mural in a single day using Drytac ReTac wall media, despite having to work around shelves full of fragile stock.

Warwick Printing has completed a challenging wall mural project, relying on Drytac ReTac to get the job done in a single day.

The client, South Country Co-op Liquor in Redcliff, Alberta, Canada, required Warwick Printing to design, print and install 48 individual wall panels making up a mural spanning the store. As well as promoting the spirits, beer and wine on sale, the mural had a personal touch with a ‘Cheers Redcliff’ message. The installation took around eleven hours, including the set-up and tear-down of scaffolding, and having to negotiate some fragile obstacles – the bottles themselves.

Warwick Printing uses Drytac ReTac for liquor store graphics

Lee Weighill, Owner of Warwick Printing, explains: “The main challenge was figuring out how to reach the 17′ (5.2m) install height with racks up against every wall without having to empty the whole store out.

“There was not enough space for even the smallest scissor lift or boom lift and regular A-frame ladders would not get us close enough to the walls in the right position. We ended up using painters’ scaffolding and had to stack two units to get high enough, but it was still a 26″ (66cm) reach to the wall which made it a little more difficult.”

However, the team overcame these problems. “It was a good day’s work and not one bottle was knocked to the floor!” says Lee.

The choice of vinyl was key to completing the job on time and in total Warwick Printing ran over 260′ (80m) of Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 through its HP Latex 360 printer. This 150μ (6 mil) white polymeric printable PVC film is coated with ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology on one side, making it simple to install, reposition and remove printed graphics from surfaces such as walls.

Lee says ReTac is his ‘favourite go-to’ wall mural vinyl. “We’ve worked with Drytac ReTac many times previously and are very familiar with it,” he says.

Based in Lethbridge, AB, Warwick Printing has evolved from mainly offset press commercial printing to more digital wide format work in the last two years. Diversifying has helped the business reach new customers and survive the difficult trading conditions of this year’s pandemic.

“We have fared pretty well so far during COVID-19,” says Lee. “Overall business was down significantly, as much as 65% in the beginning, but we have seen some major gains in our wide format and signage division during the same period. I estimate we have done more volume during the pandemic than we did in the previous year and a half.

“We saw an opportunity very early in the pandemic for signage and floor graphics and quickly created marketing materials so we were ready when business started opening up again. We’ve used dozens of rolls of Drytac FloorTac in the last six months, at one point running our HP Latex printer day and night to print COVID-related floor graphics.

“Because of this we also picked up a lot of other vinyl business unrelated to COVID. This has for sure helped fill the void left in our other areas of our commercial printing.”

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High Stakes Creative’s Drytac graphics make Korean restaurant pop

A branch of KPOP, a Korean barbecue restaurant, has a stylish new look thanks to over 6,200sq ft of wall graphics printed on Drytac ReTac by High Stakes Creative.

High Stakes Creative has completed what it called a ‘monster job’ for the KPOP Korean restaurant in Georgia, USA using Drytac ReTac wall graphics media.

Matt Matthews has been in the sign industry for 24 years and started High Stakes Creative in 2007, specialising in the design, production and installation of branding, signage and graphics for commercial and architectural applications. This includes everything from large-format printing and fleet graphics to complex wayfinding and corporate identity systems.

This summer High Stakes Creative took on a major project for KPOP’s new Korean barbecue restaurant location: a stylish monochrome design influenced by K-pop music that involved channel letter signs and 6,200sq ft (576 sq m) of wall graphics, printed on Drytac’s ReTac.

“This project was the second time we worked with this client – they had us print and install a similar graphic package in another location last year,” says Matt. “They loved it so much, they more than quadrupled their request on this location. The installation took place over the course of several trips with four other installers. I personally installed 3,500 sq ft myself.”

Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 is a 150μ (6 mil) white polymeric printable PVC film coated with ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology, allowing graphics to be installed, removed and repositioned easily. Available in Gloss and Matte finishes and certified with several fire ratings, ReTac Smooth 150 is ideal for wall graphics in spaces such as restaurants.

“We chose ReTac because it is a thicker film with repositionability that allowed for an easier install,” says Matt Matthews. “Most of the panels were 14′ (4.3m) tall so having that repositionability was key. Also, having a 6 mil material allowed for us to avoid lamination in areas that wouldn’t get frequent abrasion.”

He adds: “I love ReTac – I’ve continued to use it as my go-to for a majority of my wall graphic applications. Each time I’ve made a request to Drytac, I’ve been met with thorough answers and professionalism that helps me get my clients what they need in a timely manner.”

Matt adds that he’s keen to use other Drytac products: “I just haven’t made my way through the long list of what’s available!” he says.

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Ollywood transforms busy Birmingham meeting place with Drytac Polar Street FX

Ollywood used Drytac Polar Street FX to create a new floor graphic in Birmingham’s busy Brindleyplace, a project that required durability and safety on wet surfaces.

Brindleyplace, a busy area in central Birmingham, has been transformed with a giant floor graphic created by Ollywood using Drytac’s durable outdoor floor media Polar Street FX.

A popular meeting point in an area of the city packed with offices and corporate spaces, Brindleyplace is undergoing a campaign to encourage people to ‘#RediscoverBrindley’ following COVID-19 restrictions. Newport-based Ollywood was commissioned to print and install the floor display. As well as grabbing attention, the 35m-long floor graphic serves to direct pedestrians to nearby restaurants and attractions including the Ikon Gallery and SEA LIFE aquarium.

In addition to requiring the durability to withstand heavy foot traffic including high heels, the floor graphic had to be securely installed between two water features. Ollywood sought advice from its media supplier Soyang to find a material that could do the job.

Soyang recommended Drytac Polar Street FX for its slip rating and for its durability on surfaces that get wet,” comments Oliver Williams, Managing Director, Ollywood. “Floor graphics are quite common at the moment to promote social distancing but I’ve noticed many that are peeling, they’re not made for long-term outdoor use.

Polar Street FX is priced slightly higher than other floor media but it is better – it does the job it’s meant to. Because it’s aluminium-based it’s more durable than vinyl and Drytac is stricter than other brands about slip ratings. I’d rather use a slightly more expensive product than end up with a bad result.”

Drytac Polar Street FX is a 250µ (10 mil) textured printable white matte aluminium film, coated on one side with a high-tack adhesive for safety and security in public environments. It has been designed to be non-slip and scuff-resistant without the need for lamination, making it perfect for fast-turnaround outdoor floor graphics jobs.

The installation in Birmingham took place on an autumn day in October – just eight weeks after the initial site visit and concept discussions – but the Ollywood team overcame the difficult conditions.

“The application of floor graphics is always tricky on cold, wet days,” says Oliver, “but the Polar Street FX went down perfectly, even alongside the water features. We take care over our preparation but it’s worth taking the time.”

Oliver’s management skills and attention to detail stems from a previous role as a chef in the RAF. After leaving the military he worked with Waitrose on a festival food truck project, where he became interested in the design and build side of event production. Finding that few businesses bring together all of these services under one roof, he established Ollywood to meet this market demand 18 months ago.

“We’re looking forward to more projects like the Brindleyplace floor graphic,” says Oliver. “Polar Street FX is a great product we can use for jobs like this as it really showcases what’s possible. We’re also keen to try different Drytac products as new projects come up.”

Drytac is here to help.

We offer the correct ratings and insurance backed warranties to make your life easier. With hundreds of certifications on our print media and laminates we’d be happy to help you plan your next project.

Download the Drytac Floor Graphic Guides to help you select the proper floor material and navigate various environments.

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Cardiff University starts new academic year with Drytac social distancing signage

Cardiff University's in-house print department has printed more than 40,000 signs to prepare the campus for students and staff – the majority on Drytac SpotOn wall media.

Cardiff University’s in-house print department printed more than 40,000 signs to prepare the campus for students and staff – the majority on Drytac SpotOn wall media.

Cardiff University’s Print Services worked around the clock to prepare the campus for the new academic year, including printing thousands of social distancing graphics on Drytac professional self-adhesive media.

The university has benefited from an in-house print service for over 30 years, originally called Graphic Services and recently renamed Print Services. It fulfils all manner of printing needs, from business cards, flyers, booklets, stickers and posters – both academic and advertising – to pop-up banners, mounted poster boards, wall displays and floor graphics. It also provides laminating and thesis-binding services.

During the summer of 2020, Print Services was presented with a new challenge: to help prepare the entire Cardiff University campus for the new academic year in line with COVID-19 guidance on social distancing.

“From July onwards we were printing pretty much non-stop in order to help the Estates division get the 200-plus buildings on campus ready for re-occupation and re-opening in time for the autumn semester,” says Gareth Middleton, Senior Print Services Assistant, Bute Print Unit, Cardiff University.

“By our rough estimations, in that time we printed somewhere in the region of 2.5 to 3sq km of signage – more than 40,000 items. The majority of these were A4 wall signs which were printed on Drytac SpotOn and then guillotined or cut by hand from the roll.”

As well as the unprecedented amount of work that needed to be completed by the end of September, the print team had other hurdles to overcome.

Gareth explains: “Due to the campus being locked down and restrictions on building occupancy, only two of us were granted access to our unit in the Bute Building where the wide-format machines live. Added to this, that building was undergoing a massive refit and renovation project so rather than our usual peaceful (especially in the summer!) leafy campus setting in Cathays Park we had to work out of the middle of a building site!”

Cardiff University Print Services chose Drytac SpotOn White Matte, a 100μ (4 mil) vinyl film designed for short-term applications such as wall displays. Also available in White Gloss, Clear Gloss and Clear Matte finishes, SpotOn features Drytac’s innovative ‘dot pattern’ adhesive that enables easy bubble-free application without tools, and clean and simple removal.

“All the wall signage is being used internally and – hopefully! – for the short to medium term,” says Gareth. “Drytac SpotOn gives a great solid, vibrant finish using our Roland TrueVIS VG-540 and is quick and easy for the Estates team to handle and apply in large quantities.”

Gareth adds that the print team also uses the Clear Matte version of Drytac SpotOn.

“It’s great for all the same reasons as the SpotOn White, plus the added advantage of being able to mount it on the inside of windows or on glass screens without blocking out all the light.”

With social distancing expected to continue for the foreseeable future, Drytac has ensured its factories in the UK and North America have been working to meet unprecedented demand for graphics media for wall displays, floor graphics and other applications.

To meet these new social distancing requirements, it is important to use the right graphic media for each job. Understanding the location of the graphic and the surface it will be adhered to is key.  Download our Social Distancing Graphics Guide now!

We offer the correct ratings and insurance backed warranties to make your life easier. With hundreds of certifications on our print media and laminates we’d be happy to help you plan your next project.

Download the Drytac Floor Graphic Guides to help you select the proper floor material and navigate various environments.

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Globe Print prints over 15km of social distancing graphics on Drytac media

Marlow’s Globe Print has printed over 15km of graphics on a range of dedicated Drytac graphics products in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including thousands of floor graphics.

Drytac has been rushed off its feet manufacturing floor graphics products and other media in response to unprecedented worldwide demand, with many customers using miles of Drytac film. UK customer Globe Print alone has printed over 15km (9.3 miles) of advisory graphics on Drytac products including thousands of floor graphics.

Established in January 2019 as a division of CSL, Globe Print‘s 10,000sq ft print room in Marlow, Buckinghamshire is buzzing with over ten wide format printers using various ink technologies, flatbed printers and a range of finishing equipment. True to its motto of ‘Everything Printed’, the business produces signage, graphics, window films, banners, posters, floor graphics and more, including personalised work and direct-to-rigid-substrate output.

“We offer a huge range, but the skill is in the application the products are used for,” says Nick Wintle, Account Director, Globe Print. “There isn’t a typical client as we’re really keen to work with local businesses. Some customers just order a pack of business cards, while some will want a full re-branding. But key names include Waitrose, NHS, Transport for London, Andretti Formula E Team, local authorities and a vast number of golf clubs.”

Over the last six months, however, much of this work has been floor graphics designed for social distancing, directional and awareness communications in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, Globe Print has produced over 100,000 floor graphics for ‘basically just about every type of business’, says Nick. Along with major and independent retailers, utility companies and Transport for London, clients have included the NHS, schools and adventure playgrounds.

The print specialist has even supplied floor graphics for entire town centres and shopping streets, including for an advisory one-way pedestrian system in Globe Print’s home town of Marlow. This project comprised 250 temporary outdoor floor decals printed on Drytac Polar Grip graphics vinyl combined with Drytac Interlam Pro Emerytex laminate.

Drytac offers an extensive range of floor graphics media, enabling print businesses and end users to specify the safest and most suitable product for each application. In addition to the Polar Grip/Interlam Pro Emerytex solution, Globe Print uses FloorTac Plus matte white monomeric PVC film designed for indoor graphics in heavy footfall areas, and SpotOn Floor 200 monomeric PVC film, developed for short-term, indoor non-slip floor graphics without lamination.

“We also use Drytac Polar PET 170,” adds Nick. “This is a PVC-free polyester film which was perfect for an environment-focused retailer looking for a green solution.”

Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager, Drytac, comments: “Globe Print is just one print service provider who has produced many miles of floor graphics using Drytac media in 2020, with demand expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Drytac’s manufacturing facilities in the UK and Canada have been working around the clock to produce our wide range of products designed specifically for floor graphics, including new media for outdoor applications and eco-friendlier PVC-free films. We have made sure that Drytac inventory levels continue to be maintained to address demand going forward.”

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HugePrints shines bright with Drytac Polar Chrome

Drytac Polar Chrome

HugePrints says its ‘gamble’ in using a product new to the graphics business – Drytac’s Polar Chrome – paid off with a set of ‘flawlessly’ printed signs for a car show.

Founded in 1999 and owned by Ben Boese since 2018, Rockford, IL-based HugePrints produces a wide range of signs, banners, posters and displays. However, Ben says the team ‘loves to tackle unique graphics projects’, including a recent project for the World of Wheels car show in Chicago.

A local customer planned to submit three restored motorcycles to the show together with displays listing their key information. The signs were based on an existing one from a previous event at which it had exhibited a car. HugePrints decided to print the motorcycle signs slightly smaller, since the bikes themselves were on a smaller scale than the car, but still wanted them to stand out and draw attention.

“We decided to use Drytac Polar Chrome for the printing,” says Ben Boese, President of HugePrints. “Just hearing the word ‘chrome’ made us think it would be a good fit for a car show. This was our first time using the material and the first time working for the customer, so this was a little bit of a gamble. Luckily, it printed flawlessly on our HP Latex 360.”

Drytac Polar Chrome at Motorcycle Show

Polar Chrome is a silver satin reflective PET film ideal for eye-catching billboards, exhibition graphics, POS displays and public transport advertisements, as well as labels. It offers three-year indoor and two-year outdoor durability thanks to its clear permanent adhesive and is easy to apply. The 75 micron (3 mil) product is available in rolls up to 60″ wide and has excellent compatibility with eco-solvent, solvent, latex and UV printing technologies.

The signs were 6mm PVC, bent to shape with the printed graphics applied on top. HugePrints added a protective glossy laminate and finished the displays with a carbon fibre vinyl and knifeless tape to free-hand a curve at the bottom and add contrast – matte black against the glossy chrome, carbon fibre texture against the smooth gloss, and black against the colour print.

Ben adds: “The customer was thrilled with the end result, saying that the reflective material made the print almost look 3D. And the three bikes took first, second and third place awards in their category. We’d like to think that the chrome shine of the signs helped draw more favourable attention from the judges.”

HugePrints has been using Drytac products since meeting the representatives of the manufacturer at the SGIA Expo in 2018.

“At the time, we were pursuing material for a few sports-related projects, and one of the reps had done something similar to one of those projects with an NHL team,” Ben says. “So not only did we get to talk hockey, but found some great materials that helped more unique projects!”

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Queensland libraries get storybook makeover from icatchers and Drytac

Exhibition display specialist icatchers has added fun and colour to children’s libraries in and around Brisbane using Drytac ViziPrint and ReTac self-adhesive media, supplied by Shann.

The children’s sections of two libraries in Queensland, Australia have received bright, bold makeovers from icatchers, using Drytac media products.

A specialist in signage and fit-outs for exhibitions and trade shows, showrooms and offices, shops and events, icatchers has been servicing customers from its Brisbane head office and production facility and Melbourne sales office for 16 years. It counts the governments of Queensland and Victoria, Queensland University of Technology, Aldi, Boeing, LG, BP, Xbox and Nintendo among its well-known clients.

Its customer base also includes Brisbane City Council’s libraries department, for whom icatchers updates children’s library areas every five years. The project comprises everything from design to manufacture to installation, including furniture, power and lighting, interactive games and computers, play equipment, flooring, wall graphics and signage.

“Usually these projects involve a six- to eight-week turnaround from concept to completion,” explains Kyle Lewis, Visual Communications Manager at icatchers. “There are strict health and safety guidelines as the spaces are used by children. We also have to use products that meet specific requirements to minimise damage and that can be replaced easily if damaged – it’s amazing how much damage these little humans make!”

Its most recent project at Holland Park Library involved wall graphics, which presented icatchers with additional challenges.

Kyle explains: “For the wall graphics we needed something that would be easy to use as we needed to wrap around columns and window openings, and found Drytac ReTac 150 Smooth was perfect. It’s a quality product with great printing results.”

Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 polymeric PVC film is a 6 mil (150μ) printable self-adhesive vinyl designed for wall graphics applications. Installation on a range of surfaces is easy, thanks to Drytac’s ReTac ultra-removable adhesive technology which maintains strength over the duration of the project but ensures the film can be removed cleanly at the end of its life.

This year icatchers completed a similar project at Beenleigh Library, 40km outside Brisbane, which included window graphics installed on the outside of curved glass. They were printed on an HP Latex 360.

 Drytac ViziPrint Impress Clear

“We used Drytac ViziPrint Impress Clear for the windows, mainly for its optically clear benefits as we needed something that would let a lot of light through,” says Kyle. “It was also used for its ease of installation and removal when required. The graphics floated on beautifully and the library was pleased with the vibrancy of the colours.”

Developed for glass and other smooth, flat surfaces, Drytac ViziPrint Impress Clear is durable and water-resistant for stunning window graphics and other decorative applications. This 5 mil (125μ) clear PET film is PVC-free and 100 per cent recyclable.

Drytac ViziPrint Impress Clear

The Drytac products were supplied by Shann DPM, appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for Drytac’s extensive range of wide format print media, mounting and protective films earlier this year. Shann DPM is a division of the Shann Group, an established Australian company with over 60 years’ experience and a team of over 30 experienced sales representatives on the road.

Shann gave us a detailed and informative overview of the Drytac products, providing quick and precise answers to any questions we had,” comments Kyle Lewis. “The Drytac products fulfilled all our requirements for both jobs, with outstanding printing and installation results. We’ll definitely be using these products in the future.”

For further information on Drytac’s products and services, please visit

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