Drytac’s Peter Bourgeois assumes responsibility for extended Territory Sales Manager role

Drytac’s Peter Bourgeois assumes responsibility for extended Territory Sales Manager role
Drytac’s Peter Bourgeois assumes responsibility for extended Territory Sales Manager role

Alongside his existing role as Territory Sales Manager for Western Canada, Peter Bourgeois will assume responsibility for the North West USA region.

Drytac is pleased to announce that Peter Bourgeois, Territory Sales Manager for Western Canada, is to take on an extended role within the business by additionally assuming responsibility for the North West USA region.

Effective April 1, 2021, Peter will be responsible for new and existing customers in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Alaska and Hawaii in the USA, while continuing to service the Western Canada region.

Peter joined Drytac as Territory Sales Manager for Western Canada in February 2017 and has played a major role in driving sales throughout the region. With a key focus on Drytac’s wide-format graphics business, Peter has helped to form valuable new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships across Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Hayden Kelley, CEO of Drytac, comments: “Peter has been a great asset to the company since joining us 4 years ago. He has been instrumental in boosting sales in Canada, and will use his expansive knowledge of Drytac’s products and solutions to support existing customers across the North West USA.

“Peter will also continue to establish connections with new clients as Drytac further boosts its presence in the North West USA region.”

Prior to joining Drytac, Bourgeois spent time as an Account Manager for Agfa, where he was in charge of the management and sales of the Agfa portfolio of products in Western Canada

through distribution partners and direct sales. Peter also had a spell as Western North American Customer Business Manager at Unisource Canada, a role in which he oversaw a team of 20 Sales Representatives in Western Canada.

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Drytac bolsters its adhesive science team with new promotion and appointment.

Drytac's Phil Webster promoted to Head of Industrial Sales EMEA; Stephen Ridyard appointed as Technical Manager.
Drytac's Phil Webster promoted to Head of Industrial Sales EMEA; Stephen Ridyard appointed as Technical Manager.

Phil Webster promoted to Head of Industrial Sales EMEA; Stephen Ridyard appointed as Technical Manager.

Drytac has further bolstered its EMEA team with the promotion of Phil Webster to the role of Head of Industrial Sales (EMEA), and the appointment of Stephen Ridyard as Technical Manager, UK. Both men are based out of Drytac’s UK offices in Bristol.

Phil Webster’s promotion to his new role recognises the impact he has had since joining the company in 2014 as Technical Sales Manager. For the past seven years, he has driven the growth and expansion of the custom side of Drytac’s business, working with his team to create bespoke products in large quantities for businesses in new markets and sectors.

On Phil Webster’s promotion, Hayden Kelley, CEO of Drytac, comments: “We’re delighted to announce the promotion of Phil to the role of Head of Industrial Sales for EMEA. He has a proven track record of excellence and has been instrumental in the growth of our non-catalogue solutions, as well as expanding our presence in new markets.”

Additionally, Stephen Ridyard has joined the Drytac team with immediate effectin the role of Technical Manager. Bringing with him a tremendous amount of industry expertise, Stephen has extensive experience working in product development roles, including project and laboratory management.

Holding a BSc (Hons) and an MSc in Chemistry, he has a strong track record in developing coatings, inks and adhesives, security features and films through all stages, from initial innovative idea to commercialisation.

Hayden Kelley concludes: “Stephen’s appointment as Technical Manager will further bolster our EMEA team by helping to innovate new solutions while maintaining our product excellence. An expert new product development chemist, his skills will be instrumental in the continued development of our adhesive science business; he will be a massive asset to the technical team.”

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Luigi Cristicini celebrates major milestone after reaching 30 years with Drytac Canada

Luigi Cristicini has been working with Drytac customers across the world since joining the team in 1991, serving in a number of key roles during his time with the company.

Luigi Cristicini, one of the most popular members of the Drytac Canada team, has reached the impressive milestone of 30 years with the company.

Luigi joined Drytac back in 1991 having previously worked in the coffee industry, and soon made a name for himself in self-adhesives, overseeing Drytac’s operations in the Quebec and Maritime Provinces.

Having built a stellar reputation for the Drytac brand with photo labs, photographers and the picture frame industry in Canada, Luigi soon took on more responsibilities and was promoted to head the sales team from the Toronto head office in December 1993.

From here, Luigi’s fluency in Italian, French and English saw him travel internationally to promote the Drytac brand all around the world, taking on a host of major roles at the company in the process.

Luigi Cristicini celebrates 30 years at Drytac

Now holding the role of Business Development Manager for Drytac Canada, Luigi has been an amazing resource for customers, suppliers and fellow Drytac employees, earning the respect of everyone in the industry.

“On behalf of everyone on the Drytac team, I personally want to thank Luigi for his contribution,” Drytac Group chairman Richard Kelley said. “I speak for many when I say it is a true honour to have worked alongside Luigi and I’m grateful for everything he has done for us.”

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Drytac announces UK/Europe launch of Polar Choice monomeric PVC film range

Drytac Polar Choice
Drytac Polar Choice

The new Drytac Polar Choice range includes six films: Polar Choice White (Gloss PB, Gloss P, Matte RB), Polar Choice Clear (Gloss P, Gloss R) and Polar Choice Air White

Drytac, a leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large-format print and signage markets, has announced the UK/Europe launch of its new Polar Choice range of monomeric PVC films.

The collection includes six products: Polar Choice White Gloss PB (permanent grey adhesive), Gloss P (permanent clear adhesive) and Matte RB (removable grey adhesive); Polar Choice Clear in Gloss P (permanent clear adhesive) and Gloss R (removable clear adhesive); and Polar Choice Air White Gloss PB (permanent grey adhesive).

All of the new films are durable outdoors for up to three years and also suitable for indoor use, offering a high level of reliability and flexibility to users, and have the Class C-s1, d0 (EN 13501-1) fire rating.

The new Polar Choice products are ideal solutions for signage and general advertising applications such as windows, POP displays, stickers and decals, and can be printed using latex, UV or eco-solvent technology.

On the new introductions, Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager at Drytac, comments: “We’re delighted to announce this new range of monomeric PVC films, which includes matte, gloss and clear finishes and permanent or removable solvent adhesive options. It has been designed to provide high quality performance for shorter term applications.

“For high volume users, the range has been engineered to offer printability on all platforms and provides stability for print and cut applications. The films also have a two-sided PE release liner for extra lay flat performance.”

Polar Choice White is an 80μ film available in a gloss or matte white finish. The film is coated on one side with a permanent or removable pressure-sensitive clear or grey solvent acrylic adhesive.

Polar Choice White comes in three options – Gloss PB, Gloss P or Matte RB. Gloss PB features a permanent grey acrylic adhesive, while Gloss P has a permanent clear acrylic adhesive, and Matte RB a removable grey acrylic adhesive.

Meanwhile, Polar Choice Clear is available as a glossy clear film with a permanent or removable adhesive. The 80μ Gloss P option features a permanent clear acrylic adhesive, while the 70μ Gloss R film has a removable clear acrylic adhesive.

Polar Choice Air White is an 80μ gloss white film with a permanent grey adhesive. Using Drytac’s bubble-free technology, Polar Choice Air White Gloss PB is the ideal choice for easy-to-apply, bubble-free, printed graphics.

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Drytac announces North American roll out of Polar Dynamic Sand for eye-catching, scuff-resistant graphics applications

The new Polar Dynamic Sand scuff-resistant monomeric film has been designed for short-term graphics such as posters, retail displays and exhibition graphics. 

Drytac has announced the North American launch of Polar Dynamic Sand, a new scuff-resistant monomeric PVC film designed for short-term, eye-catching graphics applications.

Available across the USA and Canada, Polar Dynamic Sand is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, and features a removable, non-damaging adhesive that makes it ideal for wide range of general signage applications and textured graphics, including posters, retail displays and exhibition graphics.

Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager at Drytac, comments: “Polar Dynamic Sand has been designed as a ‘print-and-go’ solution for decals, signage and other graphics applications where durability is required, without the need for lamination.

“The textured surface offers scuff-resistance for a wide range of surfaces and ensures high performance for short term applications, both indoors and out.”

Printable on eco-solvent, latex and UV printers, Polar Dynamic Sand is 7 mil (175μ) thick. Its textured scuff-resistant surface eliminates the need to laminate, saving users time and money when producing printed applications. Its two-year lifespan for exterior applications offers significant flexibility to users as well.

The printable, matte white PVC film features a removable, solvent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive protected by a two-side PE coated release liner, and is available in widths of up to 60 in (1,524mm).

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Drytac appoints Imageco as first Health Science partner in the UK for Protac AMP

Long-standing NHS partner Imageco to supply and install Drytac Protac AMP antimicrobial film across a wide range of medical and health-related applications.

Drytac has appointed Leeds-based Imageco as the first Drytac Health Science partner in the UK, supplying and installing Drytac Protac AMP antimicrobial film for multiple applications across a wide-range of sectors, including hospitals and healthcare clinics, retail, education and more.

Imageco provides design, print, finishing and installation services to customers across the UK, counting wide-format print, signage, point-of-sale, wall coverings and events and exhibitions among its service offering. The company also has a long-standing relationship with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), and has supported it with multiple signage and display projects over the years.

On the new partnership with Drytac, Scott Buckler, Head of Sustainable Business Development at Imageco, explains: “When Drytac introduced us to Protac AMP we intuitively knew it was a must for any building, surface or area that serves the public.  We are amid the biggest global pandemic we have ever lived through, and hygiene must be a priority. Infection prevention has never been so critical.”

In terms of applications, Buckler explains: “We firstly want to start with the most obvious places: hospitals. From the Reception to the ICU, surface areas need to have the highest hygiene standards, and – given the antimicrobial qualities within Protac AMP – we are guaranteeing our customers the safest possible product. Applications such as doors, handles and signage will be the main aim initially, but we know we can use the film for many other surfaces.”

Launched in September last year, Drytac Protac AMP with Microban® antimicrobial technology has been designed to help protect surfaces from microbes. On an unprotected surface, stain and odour-causing bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes. Protac AMP works continuously to keep it cleaner for longer. The 150μ (6 mil) self-adhesive polyester film incorporates Microban technology at the manufacturing stage, which becomes part of the material’s intrinsic physical structure at a molecular level and will not wash away, even after cleaning.

On signing up Imageco as the UK’s first Drytac Health Science partner, Drytac’s Global Product Manager, Shaun Holdom, adds: “Imageco’s long-standing relationship with the NHS in the UK makes them the perfect fit for Protac AMP. It is the perfect solution for protecting doors, keypads, counters, tables and any other flat surfaces in healthcare and medical environments.

“Microban reservoirs in the film disrupt the microbes’ cell walls, preventing their growth, and as a result, the film provides protection 24 hours a day for up to 15 years. Additionally, each batch of Protac AMP is tested for antimicrobial performance providing the utmost confidence and peace of mind for any application.”

To find out more about Drytac Protac AMP, please click here.

To find more about Imageco, please click here.

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Doreen Poole Retires from Drytac

The year was 1978 when Doreen joined Drytac. At the time Drytac consisted of two employees and was located in humble premises at 681 Petrolia Road in Downsview, Ontario. Fast forward to 2020 – 42 years later.

Doreen has been an integral member of the Drytac team and has participated in Drytac’s transition from a small distributor of laminating films, adhesives, and equipment to a highly regarded international manufacturer whose products are now sold worldwide.

During those years, Drytac grew from that one location to two coating plants based in Brampton Ontario and Bristol UK and three company owned distribution centres in North America with over 100 employees.

The backbone of any successful business is its employees, and no one exemplifies this more than Doreen has. The saying ‘Attitude Determines Altitude’ could not apply more aptly than to Doreen whose cheerful and positive outlook has helped us through many challenges over the years. Her contribution has been invaluable and there is no doubt that Doreen will be missed by all Drytac employees, customers, and suppliers.

For Doreen, retirement will be an exciting new chapter in her life. But it is with some sadness that, for many of us, there will be a void.

Due to COVID-19, regrettably we are unable to celebrate Doreen’s retirement in a way that we would want to, and which Doreen deserves. This will just mean a postponement for, as soon as we are able, we will invite Doreen back to Drytac to do just that.

Words are not adequate to express our appreciation for all that Doreen has done for our customers and her co-workers. 

From all of us at Drytac, we cannot thank you enough Doreen and, on behalf of the Drytac team, we extend heartfelt best wishes to you and your family for a well deserved long and healthy retirement.

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Drytac launches new PVC-free floor and wall graphics media globally

Drytac expanded its floor and wall graphic ranges with Polar PET 170 and SpotOn SynTac, meeting demand for eco-friendlier PVC-free products.

Drytac has added two new products to its extensive range, meeting demand for eco-friendlier PVC-free options. Now available globally, Drytac Polar PET 170 and Drytac SpotOn SynTac are both scuff and slip resistant.

Drytac’s manufacturing facilities in North America and the UK have been working around the clock to ensure all orders are fulfilled, helping graphics specialists to react to customer demand. In addition to increasing production of Drytac’s established graphics products, it has released two new wall and floor graphic medias.

The popularity of floor graphics has increased significantly in recent months owing to their effectiveness as directional signage and social distancing notices. It’s essential that materials used for floor graphics are hard-wearing and safe for their intended use, including meeting all non-slip and fire regulations.

Award winning, Drytac SpotOn SynTac is a 120μ (4.8 mil) PVC-free PP film, coated on one side with a dot-pattern adhesive for simple application and removal. SpotOn SynTac can also be combined with Drytac’s slip-rated Interlam EcoTex PVC-free overlaminating film for extra longevity without compromising on sustainability. This ‘peel and stick’ product is ideal for seasonal promotions and offers twelve months’ durability indoors on standard smooth floor and wall surfaces.

Drytac’s second new launch is Drytac Polar PET 170, a scuff- and tear-resistant PVC-free media for indoor floor and wall applications for up to six months. Polar PET 170 contains up to 40%  industrial recycled content. This makes Polar PET 170 an ideal choice for retailers with demanding green initiatives. This product is also coated on one side with pressure-sensitive adhesive to make installation and removal clean and simple, while the other side has a textured, matte finish that is non-slip without lamination. Part of the Polar range, Polar PET 170 is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and is compatible with most standard wall and flooring surfaces.

Both new products meet the requirements of public spaces – crucial considerations in terms of both public safety and businesses’ legal responsibilities. When SpotOn SynTac is used with Interlam EcoTex, it has achieved post-printed anti-slip ratings and certifications according to DIN 51130, US ANSI A137.1, and the EN 13036-4/ASTM E303 Pendulum Test. Polar PET 170 also has achieved these slip certifications and is EN 13051-1 fire rated.

Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager, Drytac, comments: “Floor graphics are really effective for grabbing attention, making them an exciting choice for short-term promotions and creative applications. They are also playing an important role as directional and social distancing signage, where it is essential to comply with safety and legal requirements. We ensure that all Drytac floor graphics products pass strict tests for slip resistance while looking great for as long as they need to.

“Being PVC-free, new Drytac Polar PET 170 and Drytac SpotOn SynTac meet these demands with a smaller environmental impact than other products. As an added benefit, Polar PET 170 and SpotOn SynTac films can be used for vibrant wall graphics applications; the white, ink-receptive medias have a textured, matte finish that is also perfect for directional notices, retail promotions, POS advertising and decals.”

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Drytac’s Shaun Holdom appointed to ISA-UK council

Drytac’s Global Product Manager Shaun Holdom will bring his three decades’ experience in the sign and graphics industry to the ISA-UK council.

Drytac is delighted to announce its Global Product Manager Shaun Holdom has been appointed to the ISA-UK council with 100 per cent support from his fellow council members.

The ISA-UK powered by BSGA is the trade association for the sign, graphics and visual communications industry and plays an essential role in uniting the members of this thriving community. Its council is made up of experienced and inspirational industry professionals who endeavour to support the ISA-UK‘s work.

Shaun Holdom has held the position of Global Product Manager at Drytac for the last three years but his roots in the sector reach back much further, as he explains.

“I started working in the sign and graphics industry after leaving school,” he says. “I wanted to be a graphic designer but was fascinated by wide format printing and hardware technology, which has evolved at a tremendous pace over the last 30 years.

“Being appointed to the council is very exciting. Having a trade association that represents all facets of the industry, shares knowledge and experience with every company and individual to help support and grow their business – especially over the coming months – is incredibly important.

“I hope to bring my years of experience within all areas of inkjet and digital print to the association. It’s essential we understand all the new methods for printing outside of the more traditional markets to help our members.”

Robert Lambie, President of ISA-UK, comments: “I’m delighted to welcome Shaun onboard at ISA-UK. I have known him for over ten years and have admired his knowledge, passion and commitment to our industry. Bringing his 30 years’ experience to the table will be an excellent addition to theISA-UK Council and I look forward to working with him in helping us shape the future of the UK Sign and Visual communications industry.”  

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Drytac joins UK Slip Resistance Group in move to broaden membership

The UK Slip Resistance Group has admitted Drytac into its membership, reflecting Drytac’s role in developing and promoting safe and legal floor graphics.

Drytac has become a member of the UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG), securing its role as a leading manufacturer of safe, legal and slip-resistant floor graphics media. It is currently the only supplier of products for floor graphics on the UKSRG members’ list and demonstrates a move by the Group to broaden its reach.

In existence for four decades, the UKSRG counts several UK businesses and trade associations among its 60 members along with a number of overseas members. The Group produces guidelines on a wide range of floor safety concerns, including the accurate use of the pendulum slip resistance test and test equipment. It also advises on the safe design of steps and stairs, cleaning procedures, footwear in industrial settings and other issues. Several members are active in a range of British, European and international standards committees.

This year has seen unprecedented demand for floor graphics for social distancing and directional applications and, with it, increased examination of their safety in public environments. As a key manufacturer in this sector, Drytac has ensured all its products designed for floor surfaces are subjected to strict testing and certification by recognised bodies. Its membership of the UKSRG reflects this.

“We’re delighted to become a member of the UKSRG,” says Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager, Drytac. “The Group is an independent authority on slip resistance and provides reliable, comprehensive guidance to anyone who is seeking to improve the safety of an environment. We’re looking forward to meeting other members, whether face to face or virtually, to discuss and develop ideas going forward.”

Steve Thorpe, Chairman at the UK Slip Resistance Group, comments: “We have a diverse membership but Drytac represents a new type of member, and one who is very important given the increased use of floor graphics. We expect to learn a lot from Drytac and vice versa.”

Steve adds that the group hopes to invite Shaun to give a presentation early next year, COVID-19 restrictions depending. “Drytac’s involvement will bring a lot to our next meeting and I expect to receive a lot of positive feedback from our members,” he says.

The UKSRG is encouraging more new members to join, especially end users from sectors including retail, transport and leisure. For more information, please visit the Group website at www.ukslipresistance.org.uk or contact the Group Secretary via enquiries@ukslipresistance.org.

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